Lamperd Interlocking Riot Shields

Affords Maximum, Lightweight Protection for Multiple Officers When Used in Combination to Form an Unbroken Barrier

Available Sizes:
71 inch (1800 mm)
48 inch (1220 mm)
36 inch (914 mm)
24 inch (610 mm)

Lamperd Less Lethal has developed and is manufacturing Full Size Interlocking Riot Shields offering maximum protection to officers from attack by blunt or sharp instruments, fire or thrown objects. The interlocking feature allows for multiple shields to be rapidly linked together, “side by side” or “roof-on” to form an unbroken barrier line of defense between officers and potential threats.

These shields are made of strong, clear polycarbonate but are easy to carry as the total weight is only 7.5 kg (16.5 lbs). Dimensions are: 71 inches (1800 mm) x 25 inches (635 mm) x .12 inches (3mm).  The Lamperd Interlock Positive Lock System Riot Shield meets or exceeds the Blade Cut Resistance Requirement stipulated under Clause 5.7 of BS 7971-3:2002. This shield will not crack, bend or break in typical riot and crowd control duties.

The handles are constructed of strong yet lightweight material with padded, non-slip grips and can allow the shield to be held with only one arm. The handle on the right is formed in a “D shape for comfortable and secure handling. Padding of .39 inch (10 mm) thickness x 15.7 inch (400 mm) length x 11.8 inch (300 mm) width is provided between the D handle and the elbow strap.  The design also offers a baton holder and optional gun port which can be placed at any location desired.

To prevent unnecessary injuries there are no projections for any attachments from the shield.  All metallic components are made from rust-proof materials or treated with a rust-proof coating.  The word “POLICE” can be inscribed in white print with a black background inside the shield (visible from the front) in a reflective material. On the 71 inch model only, a durable carrying bag is provided to protect the shield surface when in storage or transit to operations.

Additional information on Lamperd Interlocking Riot Shields Shields can be seen on the Products Page of this website.  All manufacturing is done at Lamperd’s extensive facility in Ontario, Canada.

Lamperd Less Lethal Tactical Demonstration Video

This video presentation was produced with the assistance of the University of Western Ontario and the cooperation of real law enforcement officers. It demonstrates some of the most important Lamperd Less Lethal products in realistic tactical crisis situations. For pricing and availability of any of the products shown in this video or information on Lamperd’s training programs, please email us via or call (519) 344-4445.

Lamperd Less Lethal Defender Product Featured on Flashpoint TV Show

Two Scenarios in which our Defender I Less Lethal firearm is used to apprehend violent attackers. Clips from the CBS Television Network show ‘Flashpoint’.

SUDECON - New From

Available from Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc.
For Fast Relief & Clean-Up After Pepper Spray or Tear Gas Exposure
Lamperd Less Lethal is a long established the Master Distributor in Canada of Sudecon for quick and effective clean-up of persons exposed to pepper spray and tear gas. Sudecon is the product of choice for emergency responders, hospitals, animal control groups and anyone involved in situations where irritating agents have been used. Law enforcement officers, especially, should be equipped with ample supplies of Sudecon so it is always available when needed.  Lamperd can supply Sudecon to users in any NATO country. 
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