Lamperd Less Lethal Tactical Demonstration Video

This video presentation was produced with the assistance of the University of Western Ontario and the cooperation of real law enforcement officers. It demonstrates some of the most important Lamperd Less Lethal products in realistic tactical crisis situations. For pricing and availability of any of the products shown in this video or information on Lamperd’s training programs, please email us via or call (519) 344-4445.

Lamperd Less Lethal Defender Product Featured on Flashpoint TV Show

Two Scenarios in which our Defender I Less Lethal firearm is used to apprehend violent attackers. Clips from the CBS Television Network show ‘Flashpoint’.

September, 2019 Interview with CEO Barry Lamperd

Discussion Focuses on Safe and Effective Solutions to Mass Shootings


In this interview Mr. Lamperd discuss the rising sales and revenues of the company in 2019 as a result of new distributors and new marketing initiatives which have been implemented and are starting to demonstrate significant results.

Mr. Lamperd also offers his commentary on solutions the company can offer to counter the seriously growing issue of mass shooters in schools and other public places. Lamperd Less Lethal has developed very effective products which can stop a mass shooting in the first critical minutes and do so without increasing the danger to innocent people on the scene by exposing them to additional lethal weapons fire. Lamperd Less Lethal is currently working with government and law enforcement agencies to bring these solutions into active use to protect lives and reduce the threat of mass shootings.

SUDECON - New From

Available from Lamperd Less Lethal, Inc.
For Fast Relief & Clean-Up After Pepper Spray or Tear Gas Exposure
Lamperd Less Lethal is a long established the Master Distributor in Canada of Sudecon for quick and effective clean-up of persons exposed to pepper spray and tear gas. Sudecon is the product of choice for emergency responders, hospitals, animal control groups and anyone involved in situations where irritating agents have been used. Law enforcement officers, especially, should be equipped with ample supplies of Sudecon so it is always available when needed.  Lamperd can supply Sudecon to users in any NATO country.