Tactical Training Block

12 Gauge Tactical Distraction Training Block Device

  • ⦁ Produces Tactical Sound Effects for Realistic Police Training.
    ⦁ Uses a Special 12 Gauge Safety Shell Case Filled with Urethane Energy Absorbing Foam.
    ⦁ Can be Produced with Option for Use of Only a 20 Gauge Safety Shell Case.
    ⦁ Easy to Set-Up and Trigger with Simple Pull Cord.
    ⦁ Steel Housing for Durability and Long Service Life.


The 12 Gauge Tactical Distraction Training Block Device is a safe and useful device for police training. The device will produce a loud sound effect from the triggering of a special 12 gauge safety shell case (filled with urethane energy absorbing foam) to simulate officers under fire in a realistic way. An option for an alternate version accepting only a 20 gauge safety shell case is also available. A simple pull cord triggers the device when desired in the training exercise. All parts manufacturing is done at the Lamperd Less Lethal plant in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

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