Research, Weapon Specs and Munition Specs

Less Lethal Options
Report On Less Lethal Options
40mm Wasp Round PT-750-300
Specs on 40mm Wasp Round
Multi-Launcher Spec Sheet
Spec Sheets for Launcher Products
PT730 20ga Short Range OC Pkg
Specs on PT730
Single Launcher Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet for Single Launcher Devices
Impact Testing Research Report
Spec Sheet for Single Launcher Devices
12 Gauge Distraction Ammunition
Specs for 12 Gauge Distraction Rounds
40mm Multi WASP Round
Specs on 40mm Multi WASP Round
12ga PT707-40 Distraction
Specs On 12ga PT707-40 Distraction
Lambton College Research Project
Lambton College Research Report
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