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The Lamperd Hand Thrown Green Gel Pepper Splatter Device functions in two stages as demonstrated here.  The first stage moves all the gel material to the front of the device and the second stage disburses the gel onto the target area.

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New Lightweight Pepper Blast Crowd Control Device

New Lightweight Pepper Blast Crowd Control Device

Larger Incapacitant Load to Cover More Area for Longer Periods 


Lamperd Less Lethal has introduced an advanced version on our proven Pepper Blast device for effective and safe crowd control. This new design holds more incapacitant that now covers a larger area of 250 square feet and can stay in the air up to a full minute. This device drops no harmful debris on the target area, only the potent but harmless pepper compound to disburse rioters or other unruly crowds.

Model Number: PT7707

This new Lamperd Pepper Blast model can also be specially ordered with CS instead of Pepper.

Plastic body & aluminum head.

Dimensions: 2 ¼ inch diameter, 6 ½  inch tall.

Total weight: 180 grams, After deployment: 56 grams.

Fuse delay set for 1.25 seconds.

NOTE: In the demonstration photo, the pink cloud is only a dye marker. The full incapacitant effect is invisible and much larger.

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