Humane Animal Control

Pictured from left to right are: 12 Gauge Distraction Round, SOC Rounds and Synthetic Rubber Bullet, 37mm & 40mm WASP Impact Rounds, 37mm & 40mm Aerial Burst Pepper Rounds, Hand Thrown Distraction Device, Pepper Blast Device and a Smoke Distraction Device. All these devices are non-toxic and do not disburse any harmful particles.

Full Line of Humane Animal Distraction Products to Protect Officers from Aggressive Dogs and Other Animals Without Use of Deadly Force

Less Lethal Devices and Munitions with Years of Proven Effectiveness in Safely Preventing Animal Attacks

Lamperd Less Lethal has developed a full line of products for police, animal control and other officers to offer effective protection from attack by dogs or other animals without resorting to the use of deadly force.

Police and other officers encounter aggressive dogs and other potentially dangerous animals on a regular basis. The use of deadly force in these situations too often results in the killing of someone’s pet or other animals including wildlife which should not have to lose their lives. To address this serious and widespread problem, Lamperd offers a selection of special munitions and devices which can be used as alternatives to deadly force to distract or harmlessly ward off animals so that officers are not attacked and animals are not needlessly killed.

Distraction Round

This munition fires no projectile, only a loud, 170 dB report that can startle and distract an animal to dissuade it from aggression.

SOC WASP Impact Rounds

These munitions can be fired at an aggressive dog or other animal without causing any serious harm. The animal will simply be startled or slightly stunned and then most likely retreat. A Training SOC Round is available which strikes with half the speed and force of the standard SOC Round. The 37mm and 40mm versions fire a four-pronged, wide impact projectile.

Aerial Burst Pepper Rounds

The Lamperd Aerial Burst munitions can be fired to disburse a potent but harmless pepper compound into the air above or in front of an aggressive animal. The result will be respiratory and visual impairment which will likely cause the animal to retreat or become docile enough for officers to safely gain control of it.

Hand Thrown Distraction Device

This device can be tossed in the direction of an aggressive animal to startle and distract with a loud “pop” sound of 80 db. There is no pepper or other irritant in this device and it releases no harmful debris.

Pepper Blast for Aggressive Dog Protection and Humane Animal Control

Lamperd’s Pepper Blast device is an ideal method for warding off aggressive dogs or other unwanted animals when properly used by trained personnel. Animal Control Officers, Police and other field professionals face the problem of protecting themselves from aggressive dogs or other animals on a regular basis. Traditional pepper sprays are not effective because they are very difficult to aim in a stressful situation. Pepper Blast now offers a better solution which can immediately ward off and drive away any animal without having to resort to the use of deadly force. The animal control version is larger than Lamperd’s standard Pepper Blast product to deliver a greater effect. Thrown anywhere in the vicinity of the animal, Pepper Blast disburses a cloud of a powerful but harmless pepper compound that will repel any animal because of the severe distress it causes to the respiratory system and eyes. The effective coverage of the cloud is an area of approximately a 20-foot radius. There is also a loud popping sound which will startle and help frighten away animals. Pepper Blast does not release any harmful fragments, only the potent pepper compound. In this animal control application, Pepper Blast is an option that is both humane for the animals and affords much better protection for users than common pepper sprays or other repellant measures. Lamperd Less Lethal offers training classes taught by experienced and accredited instructors to ensure that this product is used properly and effectively.

Smoke Distraction Device for Humane Animal Control Use – Non Toxic

Makes Popping and Hissing Sounds and Emits Smoke for up to 2 Minutes / Non-
Toxic & Harmless / Options for Multiple Pops

The Lamperd Smoke Distraction Device is ideal for humane animal control use to help drive off aggressive dogs or other animals without causing any harm. This device will make a popping sound when triggered and will emit white smoke for up to 2 minutes. There is also a distinct hissing sound and an acrid odor which animals find offensive. The smoke cloud produced is non-toxic. Dogs or other animals will naturally retreat from these effects thereby helping to prevent injury to anyone. Additional models are available with multiple popping sounds from 2 to 5 pops for more effect.

Total weight is 164 grams. Size is only 5 inches tall with a 2 inch diameter. The device is coated in paraffin wax to make it weather resistant. The body of the device is made of lightweight plastic and cardboard so no harmful debris are produced.

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