Curved Angled Riot Shield

Curved and Angled Geometry to Optimize Protection and Usefulness

  • Made from Strong, Clear Lexan in 4.5mm or 3mm Thickness.
  • No Edge Lip So Harder to Take Away from an Officer and Also Safer.
  • Padded Handles for Ease of Gripping and Added Safety of Officer.
  • Option for Gun Port at Any Position.
  • Can Be Flipped for Use in Right or Left Handed Fashion.


Available Sizes: 71 inch (1800 mm), 48 inch (1220 mm), 36 inch (914 mm), 24 inch (610 mm).
Drop Test: Performed on one shield for every 50 units produced. The 20 lbs weight is dropped from 8 feet to test and confirm shield
Handles: the aluminum body is made with ΒΌ x 1 in very hard Aluminum, covered with high impact urethane foam with a strong layered
breathable material to finish them off.

Lamperd Riot Shields are fully manufactured in our Ontario, Canada plant which ensures timely and dependable delivery. With all
production work performed in-house and well established raw materials suppliers nearby, Lamperd is much less affected by supply
chain and labor issues than other manufacturers. Lamperd also offers accredited training courses for the best tactical use of all its
shield products in Canada, the USA and other countries around the world.

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