2 lbs. Large Capacity OC Splatter Dispenser

  • 2 lbs Large Capacity Reloadable OC Splatter Dispenser

    • 30 oz Capacity OC Splatter Device for Safe & Effective Crowd Control.
    • Easily Reloadable in Seconds.
    • Can be Pressurized Immediately via Outside Air Source.
    • Can Also be Pressurized with Hand Pump by User.
    • Fine Mist up to 12 Foot Range or Splatter Stream up to 14 Foot Range.
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The Lamperd line of OC crowd control devices includes this reloadable Large Capacity OC Splatter Dispenser. The device can be pressurized to 40psi immediately via an outside air connection valve for any standard air source such as a tire pump or it can be hand pumped manually by the user. 

Options provided for a fine mist spray or a direct stream. About 200 shots of 1 sec. duration can be delivered as mist or 100 shots of 1 sec. duration in splatter mode. OC solution capacity is 30 oz.  Spray coverage on mist is 60in wide x 150 deep. Spray coverage on splatter at 10 to 14 ft is 35in wide x 20in high. Total unit weight filled 2lbs 10oz.  Shoulder sling available as an option.

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