Hand Thrown Green Pepper Splatter Gel Devices

  • Less Lethal Pepper Gel for Riot Control & Other Crisis Situations.

  • Lower Risk of Contaminating Air Vents and Ductwork Indoors.

  • Effective Coverage Area up to 80 Square Feet.

The Lamperd Hand Thrown Green Gel Pepper Splatter Device functions in two stages as demonstrated here.  The first stage moves all the gel material to the front of the device and the second stage disburses the gel onto the target area.


Lamperd Less Lethal has developed a Hand Thrown Green Pepper Splatter Gel device as a counterpart to our standard Pepper Blast models. The Green Gel versions will disburse Lamperd’s powerful but harmless pepper formula in tiny, sticky particles over the target area. The larger size is intended to be thrown for a 25 foot range and covers 80 sq ft. The smaller version is intended to be thrown for a 10 foot range covering 60 sq ft and delivers smaller droplets of the green gel but they are just as effective. These devices release no dangerous fragments. Remnants weight of the large size is 62g and the smaller size is 50g.  

The advantage of the sticky gel consistency is that it will not disburse widely into the air so it is far less likely to contaminate building air vents and ductwork when used indoors. The Hand Thrown Green Pepper Splatter Gel device is an excellent option to help clear unruly persons from building entrances or other areas where it is not desirable to contaminate the air. This formula is aqueous based so clean-up can be done simply with water.    

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