Lamperd Practice Training Suit

The Lamperd Practice Training Suit provides for realistic training opportunities, is color-coded based on the escalation-of-trauma charts, is easy to put on and take off, has a breathable liner for comfort, cleans with soap and water.  This is the first training gear made to be worn like a suit of clothing and is designed for use with baton training, defensive tactics or force training.

You can step in and out of this “suit” in two minutes or less! This means you can dedicate more time to training rather than changing in and out of gear.


Escalation and de-escalation of force. Target selection. Application of physical force. The Lamperd Practice Training Suit lets you easily combine these important elements in your hands-on use of force training. The three colors, which are as easy to identify as a traffic signal, help to guide your use of force judgement, especially during fluid training or in street simulation scenarios.

The Lamperd Practice Training Suit includes: One-Piece Head Gear One-Piece Body & Arm Jacket One-Piece Body Pants One Pair of Gloves with Wrist Guards One Groin Protector and Travel Bag

Advantages: No more problem with pads flying off or straps coming undone in practice. Cleans up with soap and water (or disinfectant), then air dry. Combines cognitive learning and psychomotor skills. Saves valuable training time when making changes in and out of gear.
The suit is designed to fit a person 5.6 – 6″ tall and 180 to 200 lbs approximately.

This Practice Training Suit is designed and manufactured by Lamperd Less Lethal and has been in successful use for over 30 years.

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