Lamperd Less Lethal Pepper Blast Demonstration

An Ideal Device to Counter School Shooting Situations

In a critical situation with an active shooter in a school or similar environment, the best defense option may be our Pepper Blast Device. This product will instantly cause serious impairment to the shooter’s respiratory system and eyes for up to 10 minutes.This significant impairment of the shooter has multiple benefits:

  • Dramatically reduces or prevents any accurate targeting by the shooter
  • Affords students time to get to a safe destination
  • Gives school officials the opportunity to subdue the shooter
  • A distinct advantage of the Lamperd Pepper Blast is that it does not require  any careful aiming as with other pepper spray devices
  • Pepper Blast DOES NOT release any harmful fragments upon discharge. The casing which ruptures is made only of soft plastic materials
  • Pepper Blast can be used for Area Denial Tactics to keep a shooter away from students allowing more escape time

Every school official can be equipped with Lamperd Pepper Blast Devices which pose no real threat of causing serious harm to students and will be at the ready to stop an active shooter long enough to end the deadly threat. In light of school shooting events that have sadly been in the news headlines recently, we ask that serious consideration is given to employing the Lamperd Pepper Blast solution which can save innocent lives in the future.

Please contact us via sales@lamperdlesslethal.com for further information on this product as well as training for appropriate use. We will help in every way that we can. Thanks and God Bless.

Pepper Blast w/ Live Pepper


Outdoor demonstration of Pepper Blast on a volunteer subject. The excessive coughing which can be heard here is a clear indication of the severe respiratory distress caused by this product allowing the subject to be easily subdued. Note: The visible cloud of pepper is actually only a portion of the discharge. There is also an invisible component that engulfs a target area of approximately 20 feet.

Lamperd’s Pepper Blast is also a very effective crowd control device which can disable all aggressive persons within a 20 foot diameter area.

PHOTO 1 Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 2.38.07 PM
PHOTO 2 Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 2.38.31 PM
PHOTO 3 Pepper blast in action

NOTE: In the photos here, the affected area is actually much wider than the visible smoke cloud. The powerful pepper compound disbursal is invisible but covers a 20 foot wide circle.

ALSO NOTE: The only physical remnants from the Pepper Blast disbursal are harmless soft plastic pieces which drop straight down as indicated.

Pepper Blast Device remains after use. This product is constructed only of lightweight materials that release no harmful fragments. As shown, these remains weigh only 2.4 ounces.
Pepper Blast device is less than 6 Inches long.
Pepper Blast Safety Holster

Single unit holster for Pepper Blast, which can be conveniently and safely carried on the belt of trained teachers or other officials. Made of strong and lightweight nylon, it includes a safety strap to prevent unwanted discharge.


Lamperd offers a convenient holster that allows up to 4 Pepper Blast units to be easily carried. This holster is made of strong but lightweight nylon materials.

Pepper Blast for Aggressive Dog Protection

and Animal Control

Lamperd’s new Pepper Blast device is an ideal method for warding off aggressive dogs or other unwanted animals when properly used by trained personnel.  Animal Control Officers, Police and other field professionals face the problem of protecting themselves from aggressive dogs or other animals on a regular basis. Traditional pepper sprays are not effective because they are very difficult to aim in a stressful situation. Pepper Blast now offers a better solution which can immediately ward off and drive away any animal without having to resort to the use of deadly force.

Thrown anywhere in the vicinity of the animal, Pepper Blast disburses a cloud of a powerful but harmless pepper compound that will repel any animal because of the severe distress it causes to the respiratory system and eyes.  The effective coverage of the cloud is an area of approximately a 20-foot radius. There is also a loud popping sound which will startle and help frighten away animals.  Pepper Blast does not release any harmful fragments, only the potent pepper compound.

In this animal control application, Pepper Blast is an option that is both humane for the animals and affords much better protection for users than common pepper sprays or other repellant measures.  Lamperd Less Lethal offers training classes taught by experienced and accredited instructors to ensure that this product is used properly and effectively.


This video shows a training demonstration for aggressive dog control with Pepper Blast. NOTE: in the video the Pepper Blast device being used is INERT (contains no actual pepper compound). However, it can be clearly seen that the dog immediately backs off and moves away when the Pepper Blast unit is discharged due to the startling and disorienting effects. Also, there are no harmful fragments released. In a real-world situation, the added effect of the powerful but harmless pepper compound would make it impossible for the dog to continue any aggressive action. PLEASE NOTE:This video was shot with a trained dog who works with law enforcement personnel on a regular basis. He was not harmed in any way and was perfectly happy to participate in our filming so long as he got hit treats after every shot -which he did!