Lamperd offers an exceptional range of force training products and aids, each designed to maximize the training experience and bring realism to the process.

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Lamperd makes the best riot shields in the business, personal protection, unit protection and riot suppression! much more than just something that blocks. The Lamperd Shields are designed to augment unit strength and ability by means of the unique interlocking system incorporated into each shield.

Locking Shield Demo

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As a Sound Barrier, Inferno Intenso causes a person to immediately modify their behavior, typically observed as autonomic protective impetus to place ones hands on their ears followed by body motion to immediately remove oneself from the intensity zone.

It is as a behavior modifying Sound Barrier that the value of the patented frequency pattern is achieved. It can be applied to quell, repel or control aggressive, malicious and riot behaviors. This aspect has been applied for protecting Russian and North American nuclear weapons, stores, offices, and distribution plants

The Inferno system can be retro fitted to your existing shield systems, simply send us one of your shields!

Extraction Shield for Protection from Violent or Medically Unstable Persons

Lamperd’s Extraction Shield is specifically designed for police officers or other emergency personnel who must deal with violent or unstable persons such as accident victims. This device is ideally sized and shaped to prevent broken ribs and other common injuries or bodily fluid contamination while transferring such persons to and from police cars, ambulances or other tight spaces. The Extraction Shield is made of strong, clear polycarbonate to allow clear vision and is equipped with padded handles. Especially important is the arm handle which will flexibly move in and out in response to pressure to prevent broken ribs as can happen with other rigid handle shields.