Pepper Power Splatter Blast


32 Ounce Pepper Power Splatter Blast with Shoulder Fired Dispenser – Fully Pneumatic Device

  • Fires a Strong OC Pepper Compound Splatter to Repell Multiple Targets.
  • Can Deliver 30 to 40 Bursts Before Needing Refill.
  • Effective Range of 25 Feet via 300 psi Tank Pressure.
  • Easily Reloadable. Tank Capacity is 32 ounce.

Fully Pneumatic Design with No Explosive Components.


The Lamperd Pepper Power Splatter Blast device is a strong option for law enforcement officers to ward off multiple rioters or other unruly persons. This device uses a pneumatic pressure system that employs no explosive components. Because of the pneumatic design no special export permits are required to ship this product internationally.

The device fires an OC pepper splatter when the trigger is pulled. The system will allow for 30 to 40 pepper splatter bursts with a strong force at 300 psi for an effective range of 25 feet to reach and repel multiple targets. Reloading is simple. The OC pepper compound is very irritating but non-toxic. Easy clean-up with water. Tank Capacity: 32 oz of OC / Overall Length: 28 inches / Total Weight: 6lbs.

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