Faster Loading with Longer Effective Range of 75 Feet

Lamperd Less Lethal introduced new Double Action versions of its proven 37mm and 40mm Hand-Held Less Lethal Launchers. These models are being immediately added to the Lamperd product line which also still includes our 37mm and 40mm Double Action Rifle Less Lethal Launchers. Custom designed nylon holsters are also available. To the best of our knowledge, the new Lamperd 37mm and 40mm Double Action Hand-Held Launchers are the only ones of their kind available on the market, anywhere in the world.

Double Action Advantages

The advantages of Double Action are that there is no hammer to cock, only the trigger to pull. This type is faster loading and easier to control which can make all the difference in a crisis situation when seconds count. Another significant advantage of the Double Action Less Lethal Launcher is long effective range of at least 75 feet. Like previous Lamperd Launchers, the new models can also employ 12 gauge adapters to increase versatility and allow a wide range of ammunition options for both tactical and training purposes.

The demonstration videos presented here show how Lamperd Double Action Hand-Held Launchers can provide a rapid, accurate and long range options for riot and crowd control.




With engineering innovations that have made Lamperd Less Lethal a leader in the force technology world. Lamperd Less Lethal is pleased to announce its new 5 plus 1 shot 37 mm Less Lethal Multi Launcher and the 40 mm Distraction Device Launcher. These new pump action launchers offer superior adaption for the modern and ever changing needs of Police, Military and Government Security Forces.

The launcher can be carried on the chest, back, thigh or anywhere that you need it. The launcher weighs only 4.7 pounds, compare that to other systems weighing in between 9 to 15 pounds! That’s a significant weight savings with the average person’s stride length being approximately 2.5 feet long. If your personnel are saddled with a fifteen pound launcher system and need to walk 100 meters (328 feet) that’s a total carry weight of 4920 pounds not including additional gear!

Compared to the Lamperd Launcher that fits a user ergonomically and saves over 3378 pounds of carry weight! Plus, with Lamperd’s slim line design of 2.5 inches in width, navigating becomes less of a problem and the chances of getting the device hooked on something is greatly reduced. The tactical advantages and benefits of Lamperd’s 5 plus 1 shot launcher are clear and obvious. What are you waiting for? Get the best of the rest!

The future of less lethal munitions launchers is here! The Lamperd Multi Launcher/Distraction Device Systems are lighter, stronger and more ergonomic than any other launchers on the market with a revolutionary 5 shot magazine. This launcher handles just like a patrol rifle removing the need to learn a new weapon handling system and shortening the learning curve on instruction time.

No more winding the launcher up, no more fumbling for rounds. This radical new magazine design allows you to strip out an empty magazine and feed in a fresh one just like a patrol rifle. A user can now carry pre-loaded magazines on their load bearing equipment for rapid and sustained deployment. The five position stock caters to all sizes and allows for full weapon extension or CQB mode.


New AR-15 Adjustable Stock and A2 Grip for the Lamperd 40mm SL Launcher.

This Adjustable Stock and A2 grip attachment option is designed to offer more versatility with only cosmetic changes to fit our standard 40mm SL Launcher.

The Adjustable Stock and A2 Grip do not change the functionality of the weapon in any way.

12 Gauge Adapter for 37mm Launchers


Lamperd offers this option of a 12 Gauge Adapter for 37mm Launchers as a more affordable alternative to the use of inert 37mm rounds for distraction or training purposes.

The Adapter also makes 37mm Launchers more versatile, giving them the ability to utilize various 12 Gauge munitions. The demonstration featured in this video uses a distraction round with enough powder to deliver a long range and forceful but still harmless effect. For the distraction role, this round produces a sound of 140 decibels.

Please Note:  If this distraction round is used with a 12 gauge shot gun, we recommend a cylinder bore 14 inch length barrel or less.

Effective 2017: Federal Government of Canada Approves Deployment of Lamperd Less Lethal 40 mm Launchers in Every Canadian Federal Prison Facility

Lamperd Less Lethal has received notice that our well established 40 mm Launchers have now been approved by the Federal Government of Canada for full deployment in every Canadian Federal Prison from coast to coast. To date, Lamperd has sold and delivered 250 of the 40 mm Launchers to multiple Canadian prison facilities. This decision reflects the very high reliability and effectiveness of the Lamperd product as well as the company’s excellent track record for supporting users with all necessary instruction and training, maintenance, spare parts and ammunition supplies. Lamperd Less Lethal products also have a perfect safety record, having caused zero fatalities in the entire history of the company’s operation.

Lamperd’s 40mm Launchers can be fired by any size individual.

The Lamperd 40mm Launcher is designed to be easily handled and fired by persons of any size.

In this demonstration video, the product is being loaded with our Aerial Burst Pepper Spray and fired by a woman who is only 107 pounds in weight and stands 5 foot, 1 inch tall.

Small woman uses 40mm Launcher Aerial Burst by Lamperd Less Lethal
Barrel Shell Adapter Lamperd Less Lethall Launcher

Barrel Shell Adapter

This adapter fits the Lamperd Less Lethal 40 mm Launcher L-40-SA which allows it to fire 12 gauge rounds.

The 12 gauge rounds are significantly less expensive than 40 mm rounds, delivering a cost savings of about 70% when used in training applications.

The L-40-SA Adapter is made of solid aluminum for long lasting durability.

40mm Distraction Demo

Single Shot 40mm With Shield

Multi Mag Demo

40mm Launcher Sight System