Distraction Devices

New Lightweight Flash-Bang Distraction Device

In response to the new US and Canadian military programs for reducing the weight that individual soldiers must carry on their persons, Lamperd has introduced a Lightweight Flash-Bang Distraction Device. Our original aluminum body type weighs 12.9 oz but the new Lightweight Flash-Bang with a plastic body weighs only 2.9 oz or less while delivering the same effective and dependable distraction effects. Barry Lamperd demonstrates in the video here.

Reference Article: https://mwi.usma.edu/the-overweight-infantryman/

This video demonstrates the effects from Lamperd's 37 mm Distraction Round, fired from a hand-held launcher. The round travels approximately 100 feet before bursting. This is a very safe product as it drops no harmful fallout on the target area.
This video demonstrates the effects from Lamperd's 37mm Muzzle Blast fired with a hand held launcher. Note that the round does not burst until it has traveled approximately 20 feet from the shooter. Also, in addition to the visible cloud shown here, there is an invisible component that will cover up to 200 square feet in the target area for great effectiveness.

Lamperd Less Lethal

Distraction Device  PT-707FG

Description: A throw-able, lightweight, roll-resistant, re-usable Distraction Device with our unique tracing design. These Distraction Devices throws a 10 millisecond blinding light and incapacitating bang allowing your team the precious seconds you require, and with the new tracing design other team members will know exactly where the device was tossed. The PT707 FG is made from aircraft aluminum and is factory re-loadable for a full five years from date of sale helping to cut  training and operational cost. Factory set with a 1.5 second delay, top and bottom vented for safety. PRODUCT OF CANADA.          


Lamperd Pepper Spray Throwaway Grenade

After a strong response we are pleased to unveil the new Lamperd Aerial Burst Pepper Spray Grenade. This version is a hand-thrown device, not requiring a launcher and is fully disposable to provide a lower cost per unit. It is very lightweight for ease of carrying and also poses the least possible risk of personal injury, these models also have a very minimal fire risk to avoid property damage liability. Remains of the detonated device amount to only 75 grams of plastic and aluminum.

Our unique Safety Cap design helps provide an added measure of safety against unintended detonations and potential fire hazards.

The Lamperd Pepper Spray Throwaway Grenade is available with or without pepper spray contents.  The INERT version (shown here) is for training purposes.  It does produce a detonation and colored smoke but has no pepper irritant included.   

The Throwaway Pepper Spray Grenade detonates at a distance of about 20 feet after release to help ensure it goes only were intended and offers no time for a return throw. 

Remains of the Throwaway Pepper Spray Grenade consist only of lightweight plastic and aluminum to guard against personal injury. 


Throwaway Rubber Ball Grenade

Lamperd Less Lethal now offers another powerful option for safe and effective crowd control. Our Throwaway Rubber Ball Grenade will detonate and forcefully expel a large number of 68 caliber hard rubber balls to cause immediate pain and stun effects on a group of individuals. When properly used, this device should cause no serious injury but will stop and disrupt an unruly crowd. Like Lamperd’s other Throwaway Grenades, this version is made to offer a low unit cost for a budget saving advantage.



K-9 Throwaway Pepper Spray Grenade for Aggressive Dogs

Lamperd Less Lethal has introduced the K-9 Throwaway Pepper Spray Grenade to give law enforcement officers a very effective option to deal with aggressive dogs rather than any use of deadly force. This is a scaled down version of our standard Throwaway Pepper Spray Grenade with less of a pepper charge to make it appropriate for use on dogs without causing them any real harm. The area of coverage is about an 8 foot diameter vs. the 20 foot diameter for our standard device. We know officers do not want to kill dogs that they encounter. Now there is a very effective option to protect both the officer from an aggressive dog and also the animal from the use of deadly force.

K9 Throwaway Grenade
K-9 device photo
The weight of Lamperds new OC grenade

Lamperd Less Lethal manufactures all major Distraction Device components including the fuse.

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