You are worried about Officer safety, public safety and subject safety. Lamperd Less Lethal is worried about Officer safety, public safety and subject safety, It is with these objectives in mind that Lamperd has created an exceptional line of Less Lethal firearms/delivery systems and munitions ranging from 9mm to 50 caliber and impact rounds from 37 to 40 MM.

Law Enforcement officers face overwhelming challenges in dealing with a wide range of disruptions and in making split second decisions. Many of the existing technologies employed today are quite limited and require extensive training.


The Defender I is the only true solution to these challenges. It is a five shot, compact, lightweight hand held revolver delivering 20-Gauge incapacitating projectiles and is the only Less Lethal Delivery System that allows officers INSTANT ROUND IDENTIFICATION in critical situations.

Whether this is for crowd control, airports, border crossing, security officers at government agencies and banks or even for day to day police encounters, the Defender I offers superb solutions to deal with all these conflicts. The Defender I deploys distraction rounds, pepper rounds, scientific less lethal rounds, training and blast rounds.

Cam Mounted

Alternative to the Taser SD

Defender I


Defender I - Hostage Recovery

Defender 1 vs<br /> active shooter


The Lamperd Less Lethal Defender II is a shoulder fired, 20 Gauge Less Lethal delivery system that operates on the time tested 5 round revolver action. This gun has a 18 ¾ inch barrel that is extremely accurate, and serves it very well for those long distant shots for public order – 400 fps (272.7 mph, 438.9 km/h) Defender II is compact enough to be deployed in Close Quarter Battle situations.

Defender II - Fire Test

Defender II - Live Target


Less Lethal 50 cal Short Barrel SD

The Lamperd Less Lethal 50 cal. upper “Shortie”


When you really need to reach out and touch someone…

The Lamperd Less Lethal 50Cal. Upper. The Upper fits your AR/15 and combines the rugged reliability of the AR/15 rifle with our new less lethal synthetic round technology. Converts in seconds, and is a new weapon system that is ideal for public order situations.

500 ft. per second (340.9 mph, 548.6 km/h) and is effective to 100 feet!


With engineering innovations that have made Lamperd Less Lethal a leader in the force technology world. Lamperd Less Lethal is pleased to announce its new 5 plus 1 shot 37mm Less Lethal Multi Launcher and the 40 mm Distraction Device Launcher. These new pump action launchers offer superior adaption for the modern and ever changing needs of Police, Military and Government Security Forces.

The launcher can be carried on the chest, back, thigh or anywhere that you need it. The launcher weighs only 4.7 pounds, compare that to other systems weighing in between 9 to 15 pounds! That’s a significant weight savings with the average person’s stride length being approximately 2.5 feet long. If your personnel are saddled with a fifteen pound launcher system and need to walk 100 meters (328 feet) that’s a total carry weight of 4920 pounds not including additional gear!

Compared to the Lamperd Launcher that fits a user ergonomically and saves over 3378 pounds of carry weight! Plus, with Lamperd’s slim line design of 2.5 inches in width, navigating becomes less of a problem and the chances of getting the device hooked on something is greatly reduced. The tactical advantages and benefits of Lamperd’s 5 plus 1 shot launcher are clear and obvious. What are you waiting for? Get the best of the rest!

The future of less lethal munitions launchers is here! The Lamperd Multi Launcher/Distraction Device Systems are lighter, stronger and more ergonomic than any other launchers on the market with a revolutionary 5 shot magazine. This launcher handles just like a patrol rifle removing the need to learn a new weapon handling system and shortening the learning curve on instruction time.

No more winding the launcher up, no more fumbling for rounds. This radical new magazine design allows you to strip out an empty magazine and feed in a fresh one just like a patrol rifle. A user can now carry pre-loaded magazines on their load bearing equipment for rapid and sustained deployment. The five position stock caters to all sizes and allows for full weapon extension or CQB mode.

40mm Distraction Demonstration

Single Shot 40mm With Shield

Multi Mag<br /> Demonstration

Sight<br /> System


FoxLabs and Lamperd Less Lethal do it again. Although there have been and are other “tank” systems in the market (including our original Mega Tank units) none have been as easy-to-use, while offering the incredible spraying time of the CCT. The CCT utilizes two strong, but lightweight aluminum tanks that are carried in a rugged, padded backpack. This allows the officer free use of both hands and arms, and also serves as protection for the tanks and keeps them from access by an attacker. Additionally, instead of having to point a cumbersome tank in the direction one wants to fire, all the CCT requires is to point and fire the hand-held nozzle. This means an officer can fire in virtually any direction without having to turn and point the tank at the crowd. The CCT is safe, allows more officer mobility and firing flexibility while covering the same distance as other units, but it can do so for an ASTOUNDING 90 SECONDS STRAIGHT – WITHOUT A REFILL!

You can spray for 90 seconds non-stop or you can fire up to 200 short bursts up to 40 feet.


  1. Holster system secures to the leg and to the belt for additional support and security;

  2. Easy-to-read pressure gauge is mounted on the firing handle;

  3. Coiled firing hose length 26″ normal tension, 65″ with hose fully extended allows more options for using in different circumstances;

  4. Easy fill funnel adapts to gauges and tanks;

  5. Optional 6 3/4 stainless steel OC Spike can penetrate mattresses, hollow wood doors, aluminum storm doors and other similar types of material;

  6. Total weight of the entire system fully filled and charged is only 24 lbs. Padded backpack measures a compact 24″ high x 12″ wide x 7″ thick with adjustable back strap;

Portable High PSI Sprayer

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